Acéphale V - Will X Drive

Freitag, Februar 17, 2017 - 22:00

„This is the freedom of the void which rises to a passion and takes shape in the world; while still remaining theoretical, it takes shape in the Hindu fanaticism of pure contemplation, but when it turns to actual practice, it takes shape in religion and politics alike as the fanaticism of destruction — the destruction of the whole subsisting social order — as the elimination of individuals who are objects of suspicion to any social order, and the annihilation of any organization which tries to rise a new from the ruins.

the republic being permanently menaced from the outside by the despots surrounding it, the means to its preservation cannot be imagined as moral means, for the republic will preserve itself only by war, and nothing is less moral than war. I ask how one will be able to demonstrate that in a state rendered immoral by its obligations, it is essential that the individual be moral?
I will go further: it is a very good thing he is not.

We have no true pleasure except in expending uselessly, as if a wound opens in us.

the most unavowable aspects of our pleasures connect us the most solidly.“

music by:
Ezili-i Sabbah





voidesque, devouring darkspaces; Cloud-shaped nothing; approaching formlessness and the fear whilst something hidden; vague growth and the shades of decay presented in paintings and prints.

A collaboration of gathered obscurity produced by Sophie Ruf and Stylianos Papavasiliou

visuals by: