Donut$ & Diamond$ w/ Woulg, DiVersion b2b Bill B. Wintermute, Skribble Gebibble, wolkenjaeger-visuals

Woulg (Liveact)
soft & subtle melodies, clean cuts, complex (a-)rhythms & field recordings make an overall cold & clinical atmosphere. still… glitch-hop is always at the next corner.
…“Woulg (Greg Debicki) is a composer, sound designer and new media artist, based in Montréal. He completed a BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design and studied music composition at the Dartington College of Arts, UK. He writes generative music software, designs interactive projections, and composes glitch music.

His music combines the dissonance and destructive aesthetics of grunge and the rhythmic complexity of IDM and jazz. By contrasting lumbering industrial flavoured sound design that is interwoven with glitch ideas and processes, with minimalist melodies and emotive soundscapes, Woulg’s music creates a tense, lurching and strange atmosphere.

On stage and in the studio he uses a collection of custom software, hacks and modified tools that he builds himself. Greg is an open-source and DIY advocate and his music can be found on like-minded labels: Outlier Recordings, Enig’matik, Weird and Wired and Illphabetik.“

Skribble Gebibble
always playful, a bit jazzy, futuristic…
…“typischer Sound zwischen Beats, Ambient und IDM.“

DiVersion (institut de déstabilisation / Donut$ & Diamond$) // Bill B. Wintermute (institut de déstabilisation / Acéphale)