Donuts & Diamonds w/ Phillip Lauer, Christian S.

We are happy to announce:

Philip Lauer (Frankfurt // Running Back)

Phillip Lauer has been an active member of Frankfurt’s club scene since the late ’90s. As well as having a storied solo career exploring the more esoteric side of house music, he’s a regular collaborator, as part of the dormant Arto Mwambe project, Tuff City Kids alongside Running Back boss Gerd Janson, and Hotel Lauer with his brother Jacob.

Christian S. (Cologne // Comemé)

Christian S. fell in love with Cologne’s vibrant club landscape in the mid-90s, and the city’s storied house and techno heritage has stuck with him for good. Still operating out of the German Westside, Christian has become a staple of the Cómeme powerhouse, playing a versatile mix of dance music from the past, present and future.