Release: DiVersion - Mag's

These tracks rotted on my laptop for quite a while now; finished in mid/end of year 2011. 
This bricolage-album marks my first experiments forward to merging genres and bending their limits beyond order. 
Making steps to overcoming IDM, Glitch & Breakcore focusing on a sort of ‚AntiStyle‘ or self-called ‚freec-edelic‘ music. 
There’s one artwork aligned to every single-track, as is a quote. Oh boy, we are soooo inter-media.

1. Stockhausen-Syndrom
2. synchronisation of arythmically latenced grooves
3. Fetisch
4. Modern Talking
5. displayed emotions
6. can’t escape normality
7. Prozium
8. Ambivalente Brüche
9. brk ths systm
10. freec-edelic
11. Post-Culture
12. riːˈsaɪk​(​ə​)​l
13. Open Space
This sound-art-piece (Open Space) is based on the Intro-Track (Stockhausen-Syndrom). 
Playing the track in the ‚Stalingradsaal‘ of ‚Institut für vergleichende Irrelevanz (IvI)‘, recording the reverb and playing the reverbed version, recording the reverb, and so on… till this came out. 
Dedicated to the „Institut für vergleichende Irrelevanz (IvI)“. 
A squat getting to be vacated. (And now is vacated.)

Tracks by DiVersion 
Artwork (cover and for every single track) by sensible Date
Quotes gathered and rearranged by DiVersion (to be found on artwork or in lyrics to each track)